filthy_feline (filthy_feline) wrote in clubkid_icons,

hey guys i made some icons so feel free to take ..

no need to credit since i mean they are just icons .. but here ya go

i made some party monster icons .. some might be a bit to big but if you want you can fix them if you have an animator thing or whatever ...

yall can take .. no need to credit i mean they are just icons anyways ...

i made them using some dvd thing its cool . it makes 30 second clips from whatever movie you have .. i shall be making more weeee

so here you go !!!

that is all with the icons i know they arent all bad ass but hey i tried ^_^

and i have a few clips from the movie but photobucket is all wierd and they come out all distorted yall can take what i have

love on ya

ive actully seen real footage of the real christina .. makes me smile ...manson did a good job playing that role ♥

if yall want the link just let me know ♥

kisses !
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